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The Inspirational Memoirs of Gerhard Drumm Who Survived Communist Labor Camps

January 31st, 2018  |  Published in Feature 2, Local Authors

Local author Gerhard Drumm, who escaped concentration camps and a period of ethnic cleansing following World War II, has published two volumes of memoirs – Like Grounded Swallows, and  New Every Morning.

“Only a small number of Americans are aware of the ethnic cleansing which took place after the Second World War in communist Yugoslavia,” wrote daughter Margaret Drumm in an email to Eureka Books. “My family believed it was important for our father to document and share his experiences so that they can be part of the public record.”

Both titles are available at Eureka Books. Order below for free domestic shipping (new copies only), or call us at (707) 444-9593.

Read a profile of the Loleta author in the Times-Standard.

New Every Morning: 1947 – 1961

Part II of the Drumm’s autobiography. New Every Morning recounts life after Drumm fled from concentration camps and a period of ethnic cleansing in eastern (communist) Yugoslavia, first to Vienna and eventually to the United States. Illustrated from black-and-white photographs. $16; shipped free in the U.S.

Like Grounded Swallows: 1929 – 1947. My Boyhood and Youth Before, During and After the Second World War in Yugoslavia

Part I of Drumm’s autobiography. Like Grounded Swallows chronicles the first 18 years of the author’s life – including the time he and his family spent separated in the concentration camps of communist Yugoslavia, and his efforts to coordinate their escape. $16; shipped free in the U.S.

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