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Legislators Run from Their Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Law

You know a law is bad when the legislators who sponsored it pretend it never happened. That’s what has happened with California’s new autograph law. (AB1570) The bill’s author, Ling Ling Chang, lost her bid for the state Senate and is no longer in office. But a number of her co-sponsors are still in the [...]

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Not a Coincidence: The Easton Press Has Stopped Shipping to California

Sign our petition to repeal this law. The first consequence of California’s terrible autograph law: the Easton Press has stopped shipping signed books to California. On January 6, we obtained the following statement from the Easton Press, sent to a California collector: Unfortunately, a law recently passed by the California legislature has made it [...]

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AB1570 in Plain English

AB 1570 is a law regulating the sale of signed items in California. This is a lay persons interpretation and should not be considered legal advice (Life tip: don’t take legal advice from a blog). Read it for yourself. Who Has to Comply with the Law? Autograph dealers Art galleries Auction houses Anyone who consigns [...]

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Repeal California’s Terrible Autograph Law

Here’s my New Year’s resolution: Repeal California’s terrible new autograph law. Sign our petition to repeal the law. The Los Angeles Times’ editorial board called it the worst of the 1000 bills passed in 2016, referring to it as “one truly horrible law” and writing, “This bill never should have passed. The Legislature must fix or [...]

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Local Books Sale Saturday

This Saturday, November 26, join us for the nationwide IndiesFirst celebration. We’re having a sale with 20% off all local books and books by local authors. Plus, we’re having a free drawing to win signed books, like Writings on the Wall, by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Strangers in Their Own Land, by Arlie Hochschild, and many [...]

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A Reply to The Scrivener and the Seattle Review of Books

Phew! That’s a relief. That is the headline from earlier today in the Seattle Review of Books, which published a critique of the hue and cry raised over the new California law governing signed items, including books. The post claims that “the law blog Scrivener’s Error sets that bookstore straight,” asserting that AB 1570 does [...]

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Your Signed Books and Artwork Just Got Harder to Sell in California

Background on AB1570, a new law covering autographed items in California More on AB1570 here. On September 9, 2016, California Governor Jerry Brown signed AB1570 Collectibles: Sale of Autographed Memorabilia into law. The law requires dealers in any autographed material to provide certificates of authenticity (COA) for signed item sold for $5 or more. The idea [...]

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Amy Stewart October 1 at the Eureka Theater

Amy Stewart Presents the New Kopp Sisters Novel Saturday, October 1, 2016 7:00 p.m. Eureka Theater 612 F Street Eureka A free event! Amy will discuss her new book and then will sign copies afterward. This is her only scheduled event in Humboldt County, so don’t miss it. It’s just one stop on a 30-city [...]

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Sequel to Girl Waits With Gun Coming Sept. 6

Pre-order the new Kopp Sisters novel, to be published Sept. 6. $26 shipped free in the US. Eureka author Amy Stewart’s sequel to Girl Waits With Gun, titled Lady Cop Makes Trouble, will be published on September 6. Eureka Books will have signed copies on publication day. We will host a book signing and talk [...]

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Girl Waits With Gun, Now In Paperback

It’s no surprise that Eureka Books’ bestselling book this year is local author Amy Stewart’s first novel, a book based on the true stories of three sisters beset by criminals who fight back in a surprising way. The events in the acclaimed Girl Waits With Gun take place in 1914-1915 in and around Hackensack, New [...]

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